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December 22, 2023
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Royal Poker GST Policy

The GST implications of Royal Poker App will vary depending on the specific services provided by the app. However, some general principles can be applied.


For example, if the app provides a platform for players to play poker against each other for real money, then the app will be liable to pay GST on the commission that it earns from each game. This commission is considered to be a fee for service, and is therefore subject to GST.


The rate of GST that is applicable will depend on the type of service that is being provided. In the case of Royal Poker App, the rate of GST that is applicable is likely to be 18%.


In addition to paying GST on its commission, Royal Poker App may also be liable to pay GST on the rake that it collects from each pot. The rake is the amount of money that is taken from each pot by the app to cover its costs.

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