Poker Dangal


December 22, 2023
download 85 MB
signup bonus Upto Rs 5000 signup bonus
withdrawal limit ₹ 100 Min. Withdrawal

Poker Dangal Variants

Texas Hold’em:

  • Players receive two hole cards and five community cards.
  • Community cards dealt in three stages: flop (three cards), turn (one card), and river (one card).
  • Players form the best five-card hand using a combination of their hole cards and community cards.

Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO):

  • Similar to Texas Hold’em but with a twist.
  • Players dealt four hole cards instead of two.
  • More opportunities for bluffing and strategic play.

Five-Card Pot-Limit Omaha (5-Card PLO):

  • Builds on the intensity of PLO.
  • Each player receives five hole cards.
  • Offers even more diverse hand possibilities, enhancing strategic depth.
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